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"Over the years we religiously kept files and records, however, finding particular documents was sometimes a nightmare. Parts of our file system were terribly disorganized. Aloha Data Service was able to scan all of our documents with a retrieval system. Now we can pull up matching documents by name, date, subject, etc. It has never been easier to find what we were looking for and we now realize the expense and manpower wasted using the old paper system. Having Aloha Data convert our files to an electronic format was one of the wisest investments we have made in a while?"
-Kam. A.
Why Choose Aloha Data Services, Inc?
The Advantages of Using Aloha Data Services

Service - ADS customers have access to comprehensive customer and technical support, available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. ADS's attention to detail and full project responsibility greatly improves overall client satisfaction levels.

Security - We are acutely aware of the need for document, data and human security in this industry. Furthermore, we have a profound understanding of the importance of our client's data and thus we maintain strict security in a variety of areas.

  • ADS is a drug-free workplace and all personnel are bonded, pass scrupulous background checks and are required to read and sign an "Employee Confidentiality Agreement"
  • The exits from the processing rooms are visible to supervisors.
  • Computer systems are password protected and levels of access are determined by job position.

Scale - ADS services are flexible and can be adapted to the changing needs of your business. Our scalability enables seamless, on demand modifications in volume or service options – and reduces delays associated with project modifications or seasonal fluctuations.


Savings -allowing our team of experienced professionals to convert and manage your data will save you money over attempting to utilize your staff to do the project in-house.

Using ADS, your business will benefit from lower expenses and personnel costs associated with purchasing and maintaining the capability to convert data into electronic information.

Attempting to perform ASD’s services “in-house” (rather than contracting it to professionals) is literally fraught with unforeseen expenses. Here are a few points to consider. When evaluating the total cost of the in-house option, your cost evaluation should include: 

  • Employee compensation (including benefits and payroll taxes) 
  • Management compensation
  • Turnover costs such as recruitment and training
  • Office space (including additional utilities)
  • Utilities
  • Additional desks and office furniture and equipment 
  • Hardware and software acquisition costs
  • Hardware and software maintenance and support costs (easily can add up to thousands)

You may quickly rack up expenses due to:

  • Costs (and damages) of inaccurate data entry
  • Costs of time delays due to inadequate staff
  • Damages and unforeseen liabilities arising from lost data

In addition to dollars and cents, there are also strategic advantages to let ADS help you:

  • Allows your company to focus on its core business
  • Free company resources for better uses
  • Improves employee satisfaction by utilizing them in more valued positions
  • Moves difficult to manage functions to an industry expert
  • Contract out the risks, hassles and headaches
  • Scalable solution to handle seasonality or increasing/decreasing volumes
  • Higher accuracy and faster turnaround
  • Use faster deployment and turnaround time as a competitive advantage
Simplicity - Through the use of technology specifically designed for a production data entry environment, ADS estimates it can enter data five times faster than the typical in-house solution. ADS is also staffed to handle any seasonal variations in the volume of work associated with your project. One Company delivering all of the resources and services. One point of contact, one point of accountability, delivering the services your business needs!

What differentiates ADS from other Data Entry providers?

There are many factors that differentiate ADS from other providers, some of which include:

  • We spend time with our clients learning both the project requirements and general information needed for an efficient evaluation. This directly aids the evaluation process for both parties.
  • ADS employs the latest technologies and versions in both hardware and software
  • Clients can have access to a complete spectrum of data input services in days rather than weeks or months
  • ADS offers scalability. Our solutions can meet client needs rapidly and seamlessly.
  • ADS only hires the fastest and most accurate data entry operators. Data entry operators must pass a demanding standard to become employees of ADS.
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