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"Our files had overrun our office and were taking up so much valuable space. We even had to rent storage space, which posed additional difficulties when we needed to access certain files. Also we were concerned that files in storage may not be secure. We are very relieved to have been referred to Aloha Data Services. Now our files are safe and secure in a digital format, which we can access from multiple computer terminals quickly and easily. We no longer have to pay for storage, but the best part is that we have our office space back. Never realized how big the place is because it was so crowded."
-Kuulei L.


Scanning and Indexing Services

Aloha Data Services has built a high quality data processing service bureau by providing the best service possible to our clients. We always look for ways to improve our services and save our client time and money. Our staff is highly experienced and is willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done on time and within budget. The following is a list of the services Aloha Data Services, Inc offers:
Scanning and Indexing Services

We scan source paper documents (simplex or duplex) in an industry standard format for document imaging/archival systems. We provide document scanning, indexing, and archiving and retrieval services for a wide variety of applications.   Scanning documents can be a cost effective alternative to the long-term storage of paper.  Properly indexed scanned images form the basis of an electronic filing cabinet accessible via a local area network, intranet or Internet - a powerful tool for businesses of any size.

Send us your physical documents such as:
-address lists
-purchase orders
-business forms
-insurance forms
-patient charts
-litigation and case files
-lease agreements
-import/export documentation
-student records
-or tax forms
We will send back electronic images of the documents via FTP or on a CD. Alternatively, the images can be hosted on a document server, which offers a high-security, rapidly implemented, and cost-effective solution to document management. It provides round-the-clock secured access of critical documents to a geographically dispersed community via standard Web browsers.  Get A Quote

Consider these facts...

90% of corporate memory exists on paper. Of all the pages that get handled each day in the average office, 85% are merely shuffled. The average document gets copied 19 times. Companies spend $20 in labor to file a document, $120 in labor to find a misfiled document and $220 in labor to reproduce a lost document. 7.5% of all documents get lost; 3% of the remainder gets misfiled. Professionals spend 5-15% of their time reading information but 50% looking for it!

Prevent lost records and save storage space. We can turn your paper documents into a searchable database that will eliminate the need for filing cabinets and the potential for damaged or lost documents.

We can provide the data in a variety of ways. An FTP site and e-mail are currently the most popular choices, but media such as DVD, CD-ROM and tape are also options. We support all popular file formats such as MS Excel, MS Access, ASCII, comma delimited, fixed length and can even provide data in files requiring custom coding or tagging such as XML

Our outcome is a clean, accurate, uniform digital file, formatted to your specifications.
Aloha Data Services, Inc. obtains documents or images in a variety of ways.
We provide pick up and drop off services for paper documents.
We can download previously scanned. If images are scanned, they can be downloaded from your server.
You can upload already scanned images directly to our FTP server,
or drop off scanned images on CD/DVD or an external hard drive.

Our Additional Services:
Data Recovery Services
Data Entry and Processing Services
Data Analysis
Data Conversion
Other Services
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