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"I have to admit that I was skeptical about your OCR scanning [optical character recognition] when I sent you my documents. I had tried it before myself and had a lot of trouble, especially with poor quality copies. But when I reviewed the files for accuracy, there were hardly any changes at all that had to be made. I was very impressed. I am also very impressed with the way your employees talk to people over the phone. These days, it is getting hard to get good service..."
-C. Cornwell

In general, the price of a data entry project is a function of the number of keystrokes to enter the required data. As one would expect:

  • Typed data is less expensive than handwritten data.
  • All numeric data is less expensive than a combination of alpha and numeric.
  • The price of the scanning/indexing projects will depend on the following requirements: Higher resolution and color scans are more expensive than lower resolution and B/W.
  • Irregular size and mixed size paper are more expensive to scan than letter size.
  •  Clerical activities such as opening envelopes, removing staples, unfolding, sorting multiple forms and turning all documents in the same direction add to the cost of the project
  • Higher volumes, ongoing projects, non-profit and government institutions receive a discount Images on double-sided pages is more expensive than single-sided pages
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