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"Dear Aloha Data,
I am very glad to finally find a data-entry company that is locally owned and operated, who is reliable and can meet deadlines. Your services have been much needed on the island. The documents collected by our marketing department are handwritten by potential customers and are irreplaceable. If we send our forms to the mainland, they can be lost in the mail. We are very satisfied with the way you scheduled to pick up our documents in person, and the timeliness with which you completed the work. I am certain that we will have need for your services for a long time to come. Thanks again."
-Leilani K.


Getting Started with Aloha Data Services


Aloha Data Services believes that well thought out, time tested and consistent processes will lead to desired results. ADS follows a five-step process for beginning a new project:

1) Initial Exchange of Information

ADS can begin as early as helping to review and design the initial data entry documents. In this phase recommendations are made to reduce overall costs and improve the reliability of the returned data. Regardless of when you contact ADS, we perform a brief survey to enable accurate cost and reliable timeline guarantees to be developed. Our initial discussions will include the following questions:

  • Are sample documents available for review?
  • How is the project currently being accomplished?
  • How will the physical documents or scanned images be sent to ADS?
  • Is this a one time or ongoing project?
  • Are volume estimates available?
  • What fields of the document require data entry and do any of these fields need to be both keyed and verified?
  • What turnaround time is required?
  • What should ADS do with the documents after processing?
  • What file format and transmission method is preferred for the electronic file?
2) Written Proposal

After the initial exchange of information, ADS will provide a written proposal. The amount of detail in the proposal will depend on the complexity of your project but at a minimum will include:

  • Project definition
  • Defined customer and ADS responsibilities
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Pricing
  • Setting up project deadlines
  • Information about ADS
  • References
3) Pilot Project

The pilot project is crucial to a problem-free transition to full production. In the pilot project phase:

  • Customer and ADS will define expected outcomes in greater detail
  • Customer will provide ADS with sample documents
  • Customer will define any restrictions on an allowable field response
  • ADS will design and document the processes to be used for this project.
  • ADS will set up the data entry and output software
  • ADS will provide a test file for customer in the agreed upon format
  • Customer and ADS will evaluate the results against expectations and make any necessary adjustments.

During the pilot project, ADS will process test data and provide a test file to the customer. This insures the data is being captured correctly and the file transfer mechanism is functioning properly. If there are any problems, the pilot project phase is repeated until all the "bugs" are worked out.

4) Full Production
Following the procedures used in the pilot project, the customer will begin sending documents to ADS. Depending on the project, full production may happen all at once or involve a ramp up period.
5) Audit, Evaluation and Reinforcement
As we learn more about your project, ADS will continue to make improvements. ADS will also look to the customer for feedback on our performance and any items you may have on your "wish list".
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