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"I had used Aloha Data Services before, but when I found out about their Data Analyzing services, I decided to test them out for my school surveys. Aloha went as far as designing, printing and stapling the questionnaires for me. After the questionnaires were completed, they analyzed them and returned the final data with a report in a timely manner. It couldn't have been easier."
-Name Withheld
Principle Investigator

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"I had a three hundred page novel I was working on when my computer crashed. When I could not find a backup, I thought months of work had gone down the drain. A friend referred me to Aloha Data Services, and they were able to restore the information to a document file so that I could continue working. Their courtesy and pricing was phenomenal. I highly recommend their services to anyone."
-C. Ian Matt
"Dear Aloha Data Services,
I would like to thank you again for the services that you provided for our scanning job. I will definitely refer your company to others. I would also like to express our gratitude for the professionalism showed by your staff members in our office. They were very organized and courteous with our employees. They did not interrupt the flow of our operations at all. Please forward our thanks to them."
"Bill and I had planned our honeymoon in Hawaii for more than a year and had the time of our lives and took many pictures to help us remember this special occasion. We were heartbroken when the waterproof case to our camera leaked and all of our photos were lost. Our camera’s warranty could not restore our photos. I gave the damaged memory stick to Aloha Data Services and by the time we got back home to Michigan, the new disks containing our restored photos were waiting for us. I was surprised that it didn’t take as long as they said it would. They were very understanding of what this meant to us and were very kind and helpful. I would definitely use them again."
-Alicia Johnson
"When our hard drive crashed, nobody was prepared for the nightmare of losing all of our clients’ data. Even though we thought we had a backup system, someone in our office had hired an inexperienced IT guy, and the backup proved ineffective. I didn’t even want to think about facing our clients, and thanks to Aloha Data Svc, we didn’t have to. I explained what a priority it was and they had our information recovered within two weeks. We are very grateful for them and for second chances."
-Name withheld
Company name withheld
"I have to admit that I was skeptical about your OCR scanning [optical character recognition] when I sent you my documents. I had tried it before myself and had a lot of trouble, especially with poor quality copies. But when I reviewed the files for accuracy, there were hardly any changes at all that had to be made. I was very impressed. I am also very impressed with the way your employees talk to people over the phone. These days, it is getting hard to get good service..."
-C. Cornwell
"Dear Aloha Data,
I am very glad to finally find a data-entry company that is locally owned and operated, who is reliable and can meet deadlines. Your services have been much needed on the island. The documents collected by our marketing department are handwritten by potential customers and are irreplaceable. If we send our forms to the mainland, they can be lost in the mail. We are very satisfied with the way you scheduled to pick up our documents in person, and the timeliness with which you completed the work. I am certain that we will have need for your services for a long time to come. Thanks again."
-Leilani K.
"Our files had overrun our office and were taking up so much valuable space. We even had to rent storage space, which posed additional difficulties when we needed to access certain files. Also we were concerned that files in storage may not be secure. We are very relieved to have been referred to Aloha Data Services. Now our files are safe and secure in a digital format, which we can access from multiple computer terminals quickly and easily. We no longer have to pay for storage, but the best part is that we have our office space back. Never realized how big the place is because it was so crowded."
-Kuulei L.
"Over the years we religiously kept files and records, however, finding particular documents was sometimes a nightmare. Parts of our file system were terribly disorganized. Aloha Data Service was able to scan all of our documents with a retrieval system. Now we can pull up matching documents by name, date, subject, etc. It has never been easier to find what we were looking for and we now realize the expense and manpower wasted using the old paper system. Having Aloha Data convert our files to an electronic format was one of the wisest investments we have made in a while..."
-Kam. A.
"I had used Aloha Data Services before, but when I found out about their Data Analyzing services, I decided to test them out for my school surveys. Aloha went as far as designing, printing and stapling the questionnaires for me. After the questionnaires were completed, they analyzed them and returned the final data with a report in a timely manner. It couldn’t have been easier."
-Name withheld
Principle Investigator
"I have been translating and placing retail adds in Japanese magazines, but have received some negative comments about the translation. I needed not only a translation, but I needed wording that seemed natural and effective. After testing Aloha Data Services for their ability to provide a professional and authentic feeling translation, I have received very positive feedback. I asked some of my customers about my adds and they did not even realize it was a translation."
-Your Boutique
"Aloha Data provides great customer service! I recorded some lectures at the Honolulu Int. Film Festival that I found indispensable. Aloha was able to take my tape and give me a transcript in a word document. I was then able to add notes and mark certain passages. I found this a big help and the expense was very reasonable."
-Charles K.
Aspiring Filmmaker
"We run a small business and sometimes need extra help with bulk mail, folding, printing etc. I found out that Aloha hired out for special jobs like this. Now I have help when I need it, without having to keep extra staff around all the time, and always trying to find work to give them, which took away from my own productivity. We appreciate Aloha Data Services’ flexibility and willingness to take on smaller jobs like ours. Thanks Aloha!"
-Mike J.
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